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ARC Client Service Charter


This Charter sets out the standards of service delivery that clients can expect from the ARC and provides guidance on the process they can follow if they are dissatisfied with the level of service provided.


Our clients

The ARC’s primary stakeholders are:

  • the Australian Government;
  • institutions and researchers within the higher education sector; and
  • various partner organisations.

Other stakeholders include:

  • the Australian public
  • peak bodies with an interest in research;
  • research funding agencies;
  • publicly funded research agencies;
  • business and industry groups; and
  • the media.


Our service standards

As set out in the ARC Service Charter, the ARC aims to meet the following standards in service delivery.


In our dealings with you, we will be courteous; treat you fairly and professionally; provide timely advice that is clear, concise, accurate and complete; and keep any confidential information provided to us as in confidence, except where disclosure is required by law.
If you phone us, we will:

  • answer phone calls promptly during normal business hours and identify ourselves; and
  • aim to resolve your inquiry during the call or if we can’t, take your details and arrange for the appropriate person to return your call as soon as possible.

If you write to us, we will:

  • for simple requests, aim to respond to you within 10 working days; or
  • for more complex inquiries, aim to respond within 20 working days.

If there is a delay in responding, we will inform you of the time needed to provide a response and give you contact details if you have further inquiries.

Administration of the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP)

In delivering services relating to the National Competitive Grants Program, we will:

  • make available on our website accurate advice and information about our funding schemes;
  • promote equitable access to our schemes and services ;
  • act fairly, in accordance with our published guidelines, criteria, regulations or legislation; and
  • when reviewing funding schemes and scheme Funding Rules consult widely and provide reasonable timeframes for consultation with interested parties.

Administration of the Excellence in Research for Australia initiative

In delivering services relating to the ERA initiative, we will:

  • make available on our website accurate advice and information about the initiative;
  • act fairly, in accordance with our published guidelines; and
  • when reviewing ERA policy and processes, consult widely and provide reasonable timeframes for consultation.

Policy advice

When developing policy advice, we will

  • consult with appropriate parties to ensure the views of all stakeholders are properly considered;
  • ensure policy decisions are evidence based;
  • provide a reasonable timeframe for comments; and
  • provide information about our decision.  

Online services

In delivering online services, we will aim to have the ARC’s website ( accessible at least 98 percent of the time. There may be times when it is not accessible due to technical upgrades or scheduled maintenance. The ARC will endeavour to keep ‘down’ times to a minimum.


In dealing with your personal information, we will respect the confidentiality of personal information and use it only in accordance with the law; and give you access to your personal information if you ask.



On the ARC Client Service Charter

We welcome your feedback on the  ARC Client Service Charter.  We will regularly review the charter to ensure it remains relevant and accurate. Feedback can be provided by person, by phone, by email or by mail. A feedback form is provided for your convenience:

Compliments and suggestions

We also welcome feedback on the quality, timeliness and responsiveness of our services.  We would be pleased to know if you are happy with our service or if you have ideas on how we can improve our service to you.

Send your suggestions or feedback to us via any of the telephone numbers, mail or email addresses found on our contact list.


We also accept that things sometimes go wrong and that you may have a complaint about the ARC. For an overview of the ARC’s feedback and complaints handling processes please visit our Feedback and Complaints page.

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