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About the ARC

The ARC is a dynamic agency with a dedicated, committed and talented cohort of people engaging in responsibilities to deliver policy and programs that advance Australian research and innovation globally and benefit the community. Leading our agency is a mix of inspiring academics—this includes our Chief Executive Officer and three professorial-level Executive Directors with strong research backgrounds. They are supported by our Executive General Manager and Branch Manager, along with roughly 100 public servants.

On this page, you will find links to the profiles of senior management personnel and an overview of our corporate structure.

Profiles of our Senior Management personnel

Professor Aidan Byrne Leanne Harvey Dr Laura Dan
Professor Aidan Byrne
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Leanne Harvey
Executive General Manager

Dr Laura Dan
Chief Programs Officer/
Acting Branch Manager

Dr Fiona Cameron Professor Marian Simms Professor Brian Yates
Dr Fiona Cameron
Executive Director
Professor Marian Simms
Executive Director
Professor Brian Yates
Executive Director

ARC Corporate Structure

Printable version - PDF Format (249KB)

Chief Executive

Professor Aidan Byrne Chief Executive Officer

General Manager

Leanne Harvey Executive General Manager

Executive Directors

Dr Fiona Cameron Executive Director, Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
  Executive Director, Humanities and Creative Arts
Professor Marian Simms Executive Director, Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences
Professor Brian Yates Executive Director, Engineering, Mathematics and Information Sciences

Strategy Branch

Dr Laura Dan Acting Branch Manager
Justin Withers Director, Policy and Integrity
Penny Knox Director, Policy and Governance

Program Branch

Dr Laura Dan Chief Program Officer
Sam Grunhard Director, Program Operations (Discovery)
Jane Graham Acting Director, Program Operations (Linkage)
Liz Visher Director, Program Partnerships

ICT Services Branch

Trish Leahey Chief Information Officer
Chris Gammon Director, Applications

Research Excellence Branch

Leanne Harvey Executive General Manager
Sarah Howard Director, Research Evaluation
Marcus Nicol Director, Research Analysis
Simon Sedgley Director, Program Evaluation

Corporate Services Branch

Leanne Harvey Executive General Manager
Julija Deleva Chief Financial Officer, Finance
Lesley Nelson Director, People and Services
Dinah Bryant Director, Stakeholder Relations and Parliamentary
Letitia Abela Chief Counsel, Legal Services


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