Alexis Wright wins 2018 Stella Prize for Tracker, an epic feat of Aboriginal storytelling—13 April 2018

Alexis Wright's book Tracker: Stories of Tracker Tilmouth has been announced as the winner of the 2018 Stella Prize. A researcher based at Western Sydney University, Wright has received Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Indigneous scheme funding to investigate the role and effectiveness of Aboriginal storytelling in the current environment of Aboriginal policy in Australia. 

The book, which consists of stories and recollections told to Wright by Tracker himself and collected from those who knew him, has also been shortlisted for the biography prize in the Australian Book Industry Awards. 

In their award statement, the Stella judges call it a 'biography', but also 'new way of writing memoir'. These descriptors capture aspects of the book—a birth to death tale does emerge from Wright’s layering of stories, and these are, of course, conjured from memory—but they also obscure.

Media issued by Western Sydney University. The full story originally appeared in The Conversation.


Image: Alexis Wright, author of Tracker: Stories of Tracker Tilmouth.
Credit: Western Sydney University.

Original Published Date: 
Friday, April 13, 2018