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Final Reports - Instructions

Accessing GAMS

If you know your GAMS ID and Password you can log onto GAMS.

If you have misplaced your GAMS ID and password please email your Institution Research Office. If you have never been allocated a GAMS ID and password please email your Institution Research Office with the following details: full name, title and DOB and ask for a GAMS ID and a request for a GAMS ID and password will be made on your behalf.

Once you are logged into GAMS as an 'Applicant' you should see a historical list of your ARC grants. At the beginning of the list there is a link to Final Reports or you may scroll down to the end of the list, where you will notice any grants requiring completion of a final report. Click on the blue ARC Project ID at the beginning of the final report listing e.g. DP... or LP... or LX... or FF etc and this will give you access to the final report form. Please commence entering text from Part B2 of the GAMS final report proforma and continue entering text until all Parts of the final report form are completed. Note, you may have more than one final report.

Only CI1 (first named Chief Investigator or Fellow) on the grant has been given edit access to write the report. If you are unable to get edit access to the report because you were not the original CI1 when the grant was awarded, but became a CI1 during the course of the grant, please email your Institution Research Office who will be able to arrange for you to have edit access to the report in order to complete it.

If you are a CI1 on the grant but you would prefer another CI, Fellow or participant ie PI (named on the project) to access the report, click on the EDIT ACCESS link and select the appropriate person. Please note that person requires a GAMS ID and Password to access the report. Once the other participant has completed entering their respective information into the final report proforma, they should advise CI1 as soon as possible to enable CI1 to either provide 'edit access' to another participant or conversely return 'edit access' to CI1. The only person authorised to electronically submit the final report to the Institution is CI1.

Filling in the form

The ARC has automatically completed many of the basic details of the form simplifying the process. Check the pre-filled parts of the form. If any of this information is incorrect/out of date and you cannot change it please email providing details.

You will need to fill all empty fields marked with a red asterisk as these are mandatory fields and the Final Report will not validate if they are not filled. Some empty fields are not mandatory. Please fill these in if they are relevant, or mark the related check box "no". Please provide the ARC with all relevant information.

Regularly save your report using the "SAVE" button on the left hand side of the screen. GAMS logs out after a certain period of time or if you have not made any changes during that period, and all unsaved information is then lost. DO NOT use the save button on your browser.

Validation and Submission to the Research Office

Once you have completed all relevant and mandatory parts of the form click "SAVE AND EXIT" and then validate the Final Report by clicking on the blue link VALIDATE. Correct any validation issues, if any, and once you are satisfied the final report is complete, click on the blue link OFFICE SUBMIT (this link comes up only after you have successfully validated the final report). This electronically submits the final report to the Research Office.

The Institution may want you to print the Final Report, please check with your Institution. The ARC does not require a paper-copy. Email your Institution Research Office advising you have completed the Final Report.  Once the Institution Research Office has completed their internal administrative process, the Research Office staff will electronically submit the final report to the ARC for assessment.

Researchers should be aware that the ARC will note if the Final Report is not submitted on time, or if it is not satisfied with the outcomes of the Project. The ARC will take this into account in the assessment of future proposal submissions. Researchers should also note that Proposals submitted under any ARC program may be deemed ineligible if Final Reports are outstanding.

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