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Research Management System (RMS) Information

What is RMS

RMS allows researchers requesting funding under the ARC National Competitive Grants Program to prepare and submit proposals electronically via the internet.

Each proposal is completed by researchers and consists of an electronic document generated from a combination of data entered directly into the proposal form, and PDF documents attached to the proposal form, in RMS.

RMS secured transmission of web pages is indicated by the secured https URL address and the yellow padlock icon located on the footer of your browser window. Please double click on the padlock icon for further information.

RMS is used by:

  • researchers to complete pre-submission eligibility issues, proposals and rejoinders and submit them to the relevant administering organisation
  • researchers to update personal information and their expertise
  • administering organisations (Research Offices) to check pre-submission eligibility issues, proposals and rejoinders and submit them to the ARC
  • administering organisations (Research Offices) to maintain internal user account records
  • ARC administrators


When to use RMS

  •  To submit a pre-submission eligibility issue in a scheme round
  • To submit a proposal in a scheme round
  • To submit a rejoinder in a scheme round
  • To submit an assessment in a scheme round
  • To update personal information and expertise


Requesting an RMS User Account

All RMS users must have an RMS User Account; each account has a single RMS User ID and password. RMS Users must have a current email address and maintain their email address details in RMS. Users can apply online through RMS, however users associated with an Australian University will have their User Account requests validated by their Research Office, and should discuss their account request with the Research Office prior to submitting the online request.

Outcomes of your User Account request will be emailed to you. You or your IT support area may need to add to your list of trusted email addresses to prevent the emails being marked as spam.


How to use RMS

RMS includes context sensitive online help for users. Clicking ‘Help’ in the top menu bar will take you to instructions relevant to the page you are on. Further you can navigate through help either using the Table of Contents or the search capability built into the help tool.

RMS can be accessed via the link on the ARC Home Page. Or from Enter your RMS User ID and password in the fields provided to log on.


RMS minimum system requirements

To access RMS your computer will need to meet minimum system requirements.

The following browsers are supported, and must have javascript enabled for RMS to function:

  • IE 7.0 + or Firefox 3.0 +
  • 1024 x 768 Minimum Screen Resolution
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 +

It is recommended that you run RMS in at least 1024 x 768 resolution.


RMS Tips


After 30 minutes of inactivity on RMS,  your session will be automatically timed out. Any unsaved data will be lost. Please save frequently to prevent data loss.

Do not use the “Back” button

Please do not use the browser “Back” button to navigate through RMS as pages will not be refreshed and data may be lost.

Please use the navigation links within RMS.

Changing your password

Click the “Reset password” link on the RMS login page and follow the prompts. You will be asked for your user name. Once you have entered a valid user name you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Please note that the link will not work after 10 hours - you will then need to request another password reset. Follow the instructions in the email.

If you do not receive your password reset email please check your spam email box, or contact the RMS support team for assistance. Once you are logged in you can change your password through the “RMS User Account Details” link on your home page.

Lost user IDs

If you cannot remember or have lost your user name you can request a reminder email be sent from the RMS login page. Simply click on "Retrieve User Name" and enter your email address. A reminder email will then be sent to the email address recorded in ARC systems.

If you no longer have access to your email address or have changed email addresses please contact the RMS support team for assistance.

Updating your personal details

When you first log in to RMS, please check and update your client details using the links under ‘My Details’ on your home page. Up-to-date contact details, particularly email address, are critical to ensure you can continue to use RMS. In addition these links enable you to update employment, classification, and qualification information.  You will need to review this information again when you are applying for ARC grants as they may auto-populate some parts of your proposal.

Please verify that your administering organisation details are correct (Personal Details, Organisation Details tab) and use the “Request Transfer” link to update if required.

If you have difficulty updating your details, please contact your University’s Research Office in the first instance (if applicable) or email the RMS support team.

Your role in RMS

The ‘RMS User Account Details’ link allows you to view your roles, eg "Participant". Functionality to match all your roles is immediately available in RMS, there is no need to toggle between roles to access functions. If you believe your roles have been incorrectly established, please contact your University’s Research Office in the first instance (if applicable), or email the RMS support team.

Creating a Research Proposal

The “Create Draft Proposal” and “Draft Proposal” links enable you to access proposals in which you are participating.

Need help?

Context sensitive help is available on all RMS pages via the “Help” link on the top menu bar. Help can also be navigated using the embedded links, the table of contents or the search option.

If you require further assistance with RMS, contact ARC Assist on (02) 6287 6789 or email the RMS support team. ARC Assist operates between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.

Content Last Modified: 11/04/13

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