ARC Dairy Innovation Research Hub developing new bacteria to speed up cheese maturation—15 July 2017

ARC-funded researchers from the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub, including Associate Professor Mark Turner from The University of Queensland, are developing a new bacteria for use in speeding up the time that it takes cheese to mature, and to create new flavour combinations.

The maturation or ripening of cheese to create ‘vintage’ flavours can take several years, and requires large areas of storage with carefully controlled temperature and humidity. However, researchers have discovered that by applying additional bacteria to the fermentation process, the time required for this to occur could be reduced to a matter of months. This could potentially save the cheese industry millions of dollars per year, and has been welcomed by large processors.

Launched in 2014, with $5 million funding over five years through the ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme, the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub is a collaboration between The University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland and Dairy Innovation Australia, that has brought food materials specialists, scientists and technologists together to undertake research to benefit industry.

Image: Many varieties of cheese require a long period of ripening in storage.
Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Original Published Date: 
Saturday, July 15, 2017