ARC Research Hub addresses challenges faced by the elderly—5 June 2017

Professor John Grundy is leading a large research team, with funding from the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme, to establish a new ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living at Deakin University.  The aim of the hub is to create jobs and improved care standards to make better use of resources and enhance the mental, physical and social well-being of aging people in residential care or at home.

Working with many Partner Organisations, including Uniting Agewell Victoria; C-Born Software Systems Pty Ltd; Interactive First Pty Ltd and Black Dog Institute, the new Research Hub will adopt an innovative approach, backed by a diverse and multidisciplinary team to lead the invention of new personalised medical technologies. The outcomes derived from the Research Hub will include an improved capacity to deploy and create fit-for-purpose personalised health solutions and revenues from new and repurposed devices, integration platforms and analytics.

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Original Published Date: 
Monday, June 5, 2017