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  • ARC Discovery Program Consultation Paper
  • ARC Linkage Projects Consultation Paper


  • ARC–supported research: the impact of journal publication output 2001–2005 
  • Peer Review Processes Consultation Paper


  • ERA Consultation Paper, June 2008
  • ARC submission to the Inquiry into Research Training and Research Workforce Issues in Australian Universities
  • ARC submission to the Review of the National Innovation System


  • ARC response to the Productivity Commission draft research report on Public Support for Science and Innovation, December 2006
  • ARC Submission to the Productivity Commission Public Support for Science and Innovation


  • ARC Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Science and Innovation Inquiry into Pathways to Technological Innovation
  • ARC Submission to the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Advisory Committee
  • ARC Submission to the Advisory Council on Intellectual Property Patents and Experimental Use: Options Paper


  • What's New Announcement of Thinking Systems Call to Stakeholders—advertisement
  • e-Research support capital city consultation workshop presentation by Professor Tsoi
  • Timetable for State Capital City Consultative Workshops—e-Research Support 
  • Special Research Initiative: e-Research Support 
  • ARC-supported research: the impact of journal publication output 19962000


  • ARC National Research Priorities Implementation Plan
  • ARC's Performance in Implementing Government Decisions from Knowledge and innovation and Backing Australia's Ability
  • A Wealth of Knowledge: The Return on Investment From ARC-Funded Research
  • ARC Submission to the National Research Infrastructure Taskforce
  • ARC Submission to Research Collaboration Review


  • ARC Annual Report 2001–2002 
  • National Survey of Research Commercialisation 
  • ARC Submission to the Higher Education Review
  • ARC Submission to the National Research Priorities Taskforce—prepared in response to the issues paper: Developing National Research Priorities


  • National Principles of Intellectual Property Management for Publicly Funded Research
  • Beyond 2000: The Way Ahead
  • Mapping the Nature and Extent of Business - University Interaction in Australia
  • ARC Annual Report 2000-2001


  • Investing in Australia's Future: ARC Research Grants for 2001–2003
  • ARC Annual Report 1999–2000
  • Diversity and Convergence: Research Funding and Patterns of Research Activity in Australian Universities (Commissioned Report No. 62)
  • Research in the National Interest: Commercialising University Research in Australia
  • Inventing Our Future: The Link Between Australian Patenting and Basic Science
  • National Strategic Workshop on Genomics and Gene Technology—An Alliance for the Future Electronic version is missing the appendices. Contact the Publications Officer to request a printed version


  • Cross—Disciplinary Research - A Discussion Paper (Commissioned Report No. 61)
  • University Research: Technology Transfer and Commercialisation Practices (Commissioned Report No.60) 
  • NBEET Annual Report 1998–1999
  • What a Good Idea—Australian Government Programs Linking Industry with Public Sector R&D
  • Research of Interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (Commissioned Report No.59)
  • Research of Interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples—Advice of NBEET and the ARC
  • Comments on Discipline Research Strategies. Information Technology: Sink or Swim?

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