Changes to the Discovery Indigenous Funding Rules 
for funding commencing in 2018

Note: this list contains the major changes to rules and is not to be taken as exhaustive. Please consult the Funding Rules for schemes under the Discovery Program (2016 edition) or contact your research office for further clarification.

  • Addition of definitions for ‘Active Project’, ‘Candidate’, ‘Consultancy’, ‘GrantConnect’, ‘Project Initialisation Date’, ‘Recipient’ and ‘Research Output’ (A3).
  • Addition of provision for reasonable essential extraordinary costs to allow a researcher who is a carer, or who themselves require care or assistance, to undertake travel essential to the Project (A5.2.1(n)).
  • Addition of section outlining Participant General Eligibility Requirements (A6.2).
  • Clarification of cross-scheme Project limits (A6.3) and Eligibility process (A6.4).
  • Revised eligibility for all schemes to be considered in terms of the life of a Project (Active Project), rather than only the funding years set out in the original Funding Agreement (A6).
  • Update to the Request Not to Assess process (A8.3).
  • Update to Publication and Dissemination of Research Outputs section to include Research Data (A11.5).
  • Adjustments to the Selection Criteria, including the weightings (E5).
  • Included provision for part-time employment of DAATSIAs (E8.2.7)