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ERA Copyright Statement

ERA Reviewers (REC members and Peer Reviewers) will have access through the ERA System for Evaluating the Excellence of Research (SEER) to research outputs assigned to them for evaluation.  In many cases, neither the Commonwealth nor the institution providing the outputs will own copyright in these research outputs.

ERA Reviewers and institutions have been authorised by the Commonwealth, represented by the ARC, under section 183(1) of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) to do acts comprised in a copyright for ERA purposes only. This section 183(1) authorisation means that institutions can make research outputs assigned for ERA peer review available to ERA Reviewers and ERA Reviewers can access those outputs without infringing copyright.

This authorisation is strictly limited to participation in ERA as an institution or ERA Reviewer and does not extend to any act committed for any purpose unrelated to ERA.  The ARC, representing the Commonwealth, is not responsible for any acts in copyright done by an institution or ERA Reviewer for any purpose beyond participation in ERA.

The ARC welcomes approaches from copyright owners seeking to agree terms of remuneration for uses of their copyright that have been necessary or convenient to enable participation in ERA. Authorised institutions, ARC contractors and ERA reviewers are advised to direct any copyright owners who approach them in respect of the negotiation of such terms of remuneration to contact the ARC.

ERA Reviewers contracts (for REC members) and agreements (for Peer Reviewers) contain further information on copyright obligations within ERA. The ERA Submission Guidelines contain further information for institutions on copyright obligations within ERA.