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General Information

The information published on this page relates to various aspects of the ARC's business and activities that may be of interest to members of the research and general communities, and others. For example, information about the types of external activities supported by the ARC, ARC funding schemes, research excellence and ethics, how proposals for ARC funding are assessed, partnerships between researchers and industry supported by ARC funding, and definitions of some complex terminology and/or unusual language used by the research community can be found here.

The ARC complies with the Freedom of Information Act 1982. The FOI Guidelines accessible from this page contain useful information on a range of related issues, such as how to make an FOI request, the costs involved, correcting personal records, appeals and reviews.

Requests from researchers for information or assistance should be made to a university Research Office (or the equivalent administration unit of other organisations) and directed to the ARC through the Research Manager.  Before making a formal enquiry, however, researchers, fellowship candidates, project participants and assessors should check this page for general information that may provide the answer to the enquiry.

The ARC's ARChway newsletter provides readers with an insight into issues on the Chief Executive Officer's mind, news in brief items and interesting articles about specific ARC-funded research projects. The newsletter, key ARC publications, such as position papers and submissions, media releases, and the ARC's NCGP dataset are also available from this page. 

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