How pigs are helping researchers tackle antibiotic resistance—8 January 2016

Research supported by ARC funding  at the University of Technology, Sydney, is tackling the growing health crisis of antibiotic resistance at its most significant source—the farmyard. In a three-year collaboration with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Steven Djordjevic, Professor of Infectious Diseases in the ithree Institute, will lead a team exploring how gut bacteria in pigs respond to antibiotics and probiotics. “This project will allow us to understand how antibiotic resistance develops and how it moves within complex microbial communities—in other words, to understand the behaviour of gut flora,” says Professor Djordjevic. “We can’t solve this problem unless we understand the ecology of resistance and to do that we need new methods of investigation. The project will also provide new baseline knowledge of what constitutes healthy porcine gastrointestinal tract flora and how that flora is affected by antibiotic and probiotic formulations.”

Media issued by University of Technology Sydney.

Original Published Date: 
Friday, January 8, 2016