The ARC is committed to maintaining international relationships through engagement with overseas research funding agencies, and other international organisations or parties within the international research community.

The ARC aims to enhance Australia's reputation as a frontrunner in quality research and is committed to maintaining a strong presence in discussions on global research issues and trends.

The benefits of international engagement for the ARC are well recognised. It allows the ARC to seek new ideas and common ground on research policy; exchange information about research assessment processes; and further develop methods of, and educate others on best practice in, evaluating research excellence.

The ARC's international engagement also benefits the Australian research community, through the representation of Australian interests on a number of current research issues, and by informing the development of policies and processes that are aligned with international developments.

Review of ARC's international strategy

The ARC's Strategic Plan for 2013-14 to 2015-16 outlines the ARC's commitment to reviewing its international strategy as a priority for the coming years. The review will consider the possibility of, and options for, strengthening international links, as well as improving the visibility and effectiveness of ARC support for international collaboration within NCGP funding schemes.

Recent discussions with international parties

The ARC's international engagement news feed provides an overview of recent discussions between the ARC and international parties, ARC participation in global forums, and other international engagement activities.