Latest ARC grant to help save the northern quoll—1 October 2015

Saving the northern quoll from extinction is the focus of a new research project supported by the ARC. Dr Jonathan Webb, a wildlife ecologist from the University of Technology, Sydney, received a 2015 Linkage Projects grant of $337 775 for his project Preventing and Reversing Population Declines of Northern Quolls. Dr Webb is working with Dr Ben Phillips from The University of Melbourne, and several PhD students, on a novel approach to stop northern quolls from consuming toxic cane toads that will involve reintroducing ’toad-smart’ quolls into Kakadu National Park. “Our project will trial several innovative methods to see if we can prevent quolls from going extinct in the Kimberley, and whether we can facilitate the recovery of quoll populations in areas where they are currently locally extinct, such as Kakadu National Park,” Dr Webb said.


Media issued by the University of Technology, Sydney.

Image: Female northern quoll with one of her offspring.
Image courtesy: UTS. Picture by Jonathan Webb.

Original Published Date: 
Thursday, October 1, 2015