Linkage Projects: Continuous Submission and Assessment Process

From 1 July 2016, applications for the Linkage Projects scheme can be submitted at any time. The continuous application cycle will allow a closer connection between proposal submission and outcome announcement. This helps industry and business to collaborate more readily on high quality proposals, particularly with regard to budget and planning, and will assist in boosting the commercial returns of publicly-funded research. Following a rigorous assessment process high-quality proposals will be expedited to the Minister for decision.

Proposals received from 1 July 2016 to 22 December 2016 must be submitted under the current Funding Rules for schemes under the Linkage Program (2015 edition). Proposals submitted during this period will be subject to similar assessment processes as all other ARC proposals, and will include:

  1. Continuous Assessment—A continuous assessment process will mean proposals will be individually progressed and assessed once they are submitted in RMS. This will allow for outcomes to be determined within a shorter timeframe, rather than waiting for a scheduled yearly selection meeting.
  2. Duplicate Proposals—Unsuccessful Linkage Projects proposals may be submitted again in the Linkage Projects scheme. Applicants will be given the opportunity to identify if a similar proposal was previously submitted under the Linkage Projects scheme, and to provide details regarding how the current proposal differs from the previously submitted unsuccessful proposal. A proposal will be considered a duplicate if the aims and methodology of the project description have not substantially changed. If it is determined that the proposal is a duplicate, the ARC reserves the right to refer to the Detailed Assessor reports and the rejoinder supplied for the previously submitted proposal. These assessor reports and the rejoinder will be provided to the General Assessors to inform their assessment of the new proposal without seeking additional Detailed assessments or a rejoinder.
  3. Fast-tracked Proposals—To enable the ARC to inform applicants of outcomes as soon as possible, high and low-ranked proposals will be fast-tracked through the assessment process with outcomes announced as early as possible after submission. All other proposals are expected to be announced approximately six months after submission.

All applicants should read the Funding Rules for schemes under the Linkage Program (2015 edition).  The Linkage Projects ‘Instructions to Applicants’, and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ have been updated to accommodate continuous submission and assessment of proposals and should be read and understood before submitting proposals.


Further Information:

Email at ARC-LinkageProjects[@] or telephone +61 2 6287 6600.