Monash researchers developing wearable blood pressure monitor—29 February 2016

An ARC Future Fellow and his team have developed a new method for measuring blood pressure that may revolutionise the medical monitoring landscape. Known as ‘cuffless blood pressure estimation’, the innovative new device requires only a few small sensors to be placed on the body to measure blood pressure, rather than the inflating ‘cuff’ many of us are familiar with. Associate Professor Mehmet Yuce, an ARC Future Fellow at Monash University, said the device is user-friendly and convenient for patients, and offers the advantage of unobtrusive, continuous monitoring. “Unlike current products, this cuffless blood pressure monitor is intended to be worn all the time, even while sleeping. The goal is to be able to provide monitoring for a continuous 24 hour period, and to be able to send that information to a doctor in real time,” Associate Professor Yuce said. The market for ambulatory or “on-the-go” blood pressure monitoring is growing. While Associate Professor Yuce’s team has patented the model, they are still working to develop the ground-breaking new concept from a lab-based setup to a wearable device. Once finalised, the cuffless blood pressure estimation device will be easy to wear and, with wireless connectivity, will instantaneously communicate blood pressure results to doctors over the internet.

Media issued by Monash University.

Image: Home blood pressure monitoring kit.
IMage courtesy: Karen Barefoot at

Original Published Date: 
Monday, February 29, 2016