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Procedure for Appointing ARC Centre Fellows

ARC Centre Fellows are not an element of the ARC Centres of Excellence scheme for funding commencing in 2011.

The Funding Rules for ARC Centres of Excellence for funding commencing in 2005 state that the ARC will advise ARC Centres of the procedure for appointing ARC Centre Fellows. This document sets out the procedure.

  1. The title "ARC Centre Fellow" is conferred by the ARC. Once conferred, the title may be used for the duration of ARC funding for the Centre, provided that the Fellow continues to be associated with the Centre. Once conferred, the title may be used for the duration of the association between the Centre and the Fellow.
  2. The ARC invites Centre Directors (or Research Directors) to nominate researchers for consideration for the conferral of the title. The nomination must be sent by the Centre Director/Research Director to the ARC through the Research Office of the Centre's Administering Organisation.
  3. A Director's nomination must contain:
    1. the Director's letter of recommendation, which must include:
      1. name, level, step, term of appointment, type of Centre Fellowship and indicative remuneration level of the nominee. (See indicative table below for Centre Fellowship types and levels);
      2. confirmation that the nominee is to be, or has been, appointed by the Administering Institution, another higher education institution or an Australian publicly-funded research organisation formally associated with the Centre in an open, competitive process;
      3. the case for conferring the title, including the Director's confirmation that in his/her opinion the nominee's standing is comparable with ARC Research Fellows at the same level (normally less than 2 pages);
      4. an acknowledgement that nominees will receive their salary only from Centre funds regardless of the source of the Centre funds employed and will work exclusively on the Centre's research program; and
      5. a statement confirming that the nominee does not hold any other ARC grants. If the nominee does hold another ARC grant, confirmation of whether this grant is to be relinquished, transferred to another Chief Investigator (CI) or an application for the unspent grant funds to be incorporated into the Centre is to be made to the ARC.
    2. a report (approximately 2 pages) by the nominee describing his/her principal research achievements, including any factors that may have affected the nominee's opportunity to undertake research; and
    3. a list of the nominee's scholarly publications over the past five years, and the five best publications over their career.
  4. Nominations may be submitted at any time.
  5. A person nominated unsuccessfully for an ARC Centre Fellowship may not be re-nominated until at least 12 months have elapsed from the date of notification of the outcome.
  6. Nominations should be forwarded to: Centres Schemes Coordinator, Australian Research Council, GPO Box 2702 Canberra 2601.

ARC Centre Fellow Classifications Aligned With University Level Equivalent

ARC Centre Fellowship Level
Indicative University Level Equivalent
Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship
Centre Research Fellowship
Centre Senior Research Fellowship Step 1
Centre Professorial Fellowship Step 1, Centre Senior Research Fellowship Step2
Centre Professorial Fellowship Step 2
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