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Discovery Indigenous Funding Rules

The Australian Research Council Act 2001 requires the ARC to prepare funding rules for each funding scheme it administers for each calendar year. Funding rules provide applicants with information about a scheme, eligibility requirements, the application, selection and approval processes, and requirements for the administration of funding.

For funding commencing in 2016*
PDF Format (838KB) – Word Format (216KB)
*The relevant parts for Discovery Indigenous proposals are Part A and Part E. The other parts of these Funding Rules relate to other schemes and are not relevant to Discovery Indigenous proposals.
Changes to the Discovery Indigenous Funding Rules for 2016
PDF Format (343KB) – Word Format (95KB)

For funding commencing in 2015*
PDF Format (688KB) – Word Format (210KB)
*Please note: these Funding Rules also include the Australian Laureate Fellowships, Discovery Early Career Researcher Award and Discovery Projects schemes.  
Changes to the Discovery Indigenous Funding Rules for 2015
PDF Format (351KB) – Word Format (94KB)

For funding commencing in 2014
PDF Format (159KB) – Word Format (162KB)

For funding commencing in 2013
PDF Format (161KB) - RTF Format (1.04MB)

For funding commencing in 2012
PDF Format (227KB) - RTF Format (1.6MB)

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