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Discovery Indigenous Instructions to Applicants and Frequently Asked Questions

Information on this page provides practical assistance to applicants for completing as fully and accurately as possible the Application Form and associated documentation for each of the ARC’s funding schemes.  This information is underpinned by corresponding Funding Rules that contain further details about the relevant scheme and should be read in conjunction with the Instructions to Applicants before a funding proposal is prepared.

For funding commencing in 2016
*NEW Cross-scheme Eligibility Frequently Asked Questions - PDF Format (519KB) – Word Format (71KB) - Revised 13 November 2014

For funding commencing in 2015
Instructions to Applicants - PDF Format (669KB) – Word Format (238KB)
Frequently Asked Questions - PDF Format (314KB) – Word Format (103KB) - Revised 28 February 2014

For funding commencing in 2014
PDF Format (842KB) – Word Format (780KB)

For funding commencing in 2013
PDF Format (895KB) - Word Format (825KB)

For funding commencing in 2012
PDF Format (1.11MB) - Word Format (559KB)

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