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Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development

The Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development scheme provides support for Indigenous Researchers to undertake research projects that may lead to an understanding of a particular subject or that may meet the requirements of their postgraduate research degrees.

The aims of the scheme are to:

  • develop the research expertise of Indigenous Researchers who have not participated as a Chief Investigator on a project funded under any of the ARC’s other funding schemes or previously been awarded an ARC Fellowship;
  • support fundamental research and research training by Indigenous Australian individuals and teams;
  • provide Indigenous Researchers with experience in the preparation of research funding Proposals; and
  • expand Australia's knowledge base and research capability.

To be eligible to apply for funding, researchers must be of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. It is strongly recommended that a Mentor (who does not need to be an Indigenous Australian) be associated with the proposal to provide expert advice on the subject of the research. Researchers do not have to hold a PhD to apply, but must have completed a  postgraduate research degree or demonstrate equivalent research capacity and experience. Researchers who are currently enrolled in postgraduate research degrees may also apply for funding. In this instance, it is strongly recommended that the student’s supervisor (who does not need to be an Indigenous Australian) be associated with the proposal.

Indigenous Researcher Fellowships, which provide a salary equivalent to the ARC's Australian Postdoctoral Fellowships, are also offered under the scheme for early-career researchers to undertake research of national and international significance and to broaden their research experience. To be eligible to apply researchers must have recently completed, or be expected to soon complete, their PhD.

Proposals for funding under the Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development scheme are processed once a year.

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