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Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

The Industrial Transformation Research Hubs is a scheme that will engage Australia's best researchers in issues facing the new industrial economies and training the future workforce. This scheme will support collaborative research activity between the Australian higher education sector and industry designed to focus on strategic outcomes not independently realisable.

The Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme will provide funding to Eligible Organisations to engage in cutting edge research on new technologies and economic and social transformation and support the development of research in the Industrial Transformation Priorities.

The Industrial Transformation Priorities are priority research areas identified by the ARC which will be updated from round to round. The current Industrial Transformation Priorities can be found here.

A strong collaboration and commitment of resources from innovative national and international industries is required; in turn the ARC will provide up to $1 million per annum funding for each Research Hub for a maximum of five (5) consecutive years.

The objectives of the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme are to:

  • encourage collaborative R&D projects between universities and organisations outside the Australian higher education sector that will solve challenging industry issues through innovative research relevant to the Industrial Transformation Priorities;
  • attract investment from the local and international business community by supporting the internationally-recognised excellence of Australian universities and their industry partners; and
  • leverage national and international investment in targeted industry sectors.

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the relevant Funding Rules and Funding Agreements. Grants from the ARC are made to eligible organisations, not individual researchers or research teams.

Content Last Modified: 25/08/14

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