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Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Certification Proforma

For funding commencing in 2016

Proposals for Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities to be funded in 2016 (LE16) must be electronically submitted via the ARC Research Management System (RMS) by the Administering Organisation. The Administering Organisation will electronically certify the Proposal submission, in accordance with Part A12.4 of the Funding Rules for schemes under the Linkage Program 2014 – 2016– Industrial Transformation Research Hubs, Industrial Transformation Training Centres, Linkage Projects and Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities..

The Administering Organisation will certify that they have obtained the written agreement of all parties necessary to allow the proposed project to proceed through RMS. The ARC reserves the right to seek the evidence from the Administering Organisation to support the certification of Proposals.

The Administering Organisation may use the following proforma to assist in meeting the requirement of obtaining written evidence of agreement. The use of this proforma is not mandatory.

PDF Format (310KB) - Word Format (22KB)

For details of the certification required in RMS for LE16, please view the certification page in the sample LE16 Application Form at the Sample application forms page.

Please visit the LIEF Certification Archive page for older Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Certification information.
Content Last Modified: 19/2/15