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Linkage International

Funding for the Linkage International scheme (which includes the ARC International Fellowships and the Internationally Coordinated Initiatives Social Sciences Collaborations) ceased in early 2009.  However, research organisations which have an existing ARC Linkage International Funding Agreement in place will continue to receive project funding (as indicated in Schedule A) until their respective project is completed. Any variations to the existing Funding Agreement must be submitted through the Administering Organisation Research Office or Administration Unit.

Information concerning International Collaboration is identified within current ARC Scheme Funding Rules. Other ARC schemes, for example Discovery and Linkage Projects encourage networks and collaborations between researchers, research teams and research centres of excellence in Australia and overseas. Researchers that were awarded Linkage International scheme funding may have participated in national and international exchanges between research organisations.

The Linkage International scheme provided two categories of support:

  • ARC International Fellowships (ARCIF) which provided salary and associated funding to outstanding research fellows to work in eligible Australian or overseas organisations. The fellowship was available for outstanding postdoctoral, research and senior research fellows to work in Australian or overseas organisations for periods of up to 12 months.
  • Internationally Coordinated Initiatives (ICIS) were collaborative initiatives between the ARC and overseas funding agencies to fund collaborative research proposals in targeted areas of research as defined for each specific initiative.

Applications for funding under ARC International Fellowships were processed once a year. Applications for funding under Internationally Coordinated Initiatives were processed in rounds throughout the year.

The objectives of the Linkage International scheme were:

  • build collaborations among researchers, research teams and/or research centres of excellence in Australia and overseas;
  • generate opportunities for researchers to participate in leading-edge international research networks and strengthen their international research experience;
  • build Australian research capability by enhancing existing and developing new collaborations among researchers;
  • develop innovative modes of international collaboration; and/or
  • foster participation in global innovation networks.

Documentation relating to the Linkage International scheme includes:

Linkage International Awards

Funding was recommended under the Linkage International Awards Scheme between 2001 and 2007 for durations between one and three years.
Linkage International Awards provided travel and associated funds for Australia-based researchers to participate in joint research projects with overseas researchers, establishing new collaborations and strengthening ongoing collaborations that built links among researchers, research teams and/or centres of research excellence in Australia and overseas.

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