New ARC Training Centre for Gas Process Engineering—15 April 2016

A project to develop a breakthrough technique in nitrogen capture from natural gas (LNG) is just one project that will benefit from the ARC Training Centre for LNG Futures at The University of Western Australia as part of ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Programme. Nitrogen is a common contaminant in natural gas in the context of LNG production and is difficult to remove in a cost-effective way using conventional technologies. Working as part of a team in gas process engineering, research fellow Dr Gongkui Xiao is developing a new technology for nitrogen removal from natural gas to make the LNG production process more economic. Dr Xiao believes the training centre’s legacy, the establishment of a micro-scale LNG plant, will help to accelerate the deployment of new technology by enabling onsite trials of new processes. “The addition of the ARC Training Centre to our already sophisticated facility will help to establish a unique real-world simulation for PhD, international and undergraduate students who will be fortunate to train with some of the best researchers world-wide and I’m privileged to be a part of this,” he said. UWA’s Energy Minerals Institute Director, Mark Stickells, said the ARC Training Centre for LNG Futures would have an impact on shaping the future of Australia’s LNG industry. “Projects like Dr Xiao’s demonstrate that we have the top talent working with state of the art testing infrastructure to help establish Australia’s leadership in a highly skilled and competitive industry,” he said.

Media issued by the University of Western Australia.

Image: Dr Gongkui Xiao.
Image courtesy: The University of Western Australia.

Original Published Date: 
Friday, April 15, 2016