New project aims to help unlock the mystery of tick-borne disease—14 July 2016

Understanding why a growing number of Australians are diagnosed with a Lyme disease-like illness, presumed to be tick-borne, is the focus of a new highly innovative research project supported by the Australian Research Council.

In recent years, public and government concern about the potential for tick-borne diseases in people has increased considerably—including a parliamentary inquiry into the so-called Lyme disease-like illness—yet conclusive diagnosis to tick-borne disease remains elusive because of an uncertainty about its causative agent.

Lead Investigator, Professor Peter Irwin, said “We hope that this research will ultimately lead to improved diagnostic tests and management protocols for tick-borne diseases in Australia”.

Media issued by Murdoch University

Image: An echidna tick, Bothriocroton concolor.
Image courtesy: Siew-May Loh.

Original Published Date: 
Thursday, July 14, 2016