23 September 2016

ARC welcomes Professor Stephen Buckman and thanks Professor Clive Baldock

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Australian Research Council (ARC), Ms Leanne Harvey, has announced that Professor Stephen Buckman will commence in the role of ARC Executive Director (ED) for Physical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Information Sciences, replacing Professor Clive Baldock, who is departing the ARC to return to the University of Tasmania in a new role as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Researcher Development).

Ms Harvey has welcomed Professor Buckman, who has recently retired from his position as Director of the Research School of Physics and Engineering at The Australian National University. Professor Buckman, whose research field is atomic physics, will join the ARC in November.

“Professor Buckman is a distinguished Australian researcher who will bring to the ARC a wealth of expertise in the physical sciences,” said Ms Harvey.

“Professor Buckman understands the role of the ARC in supporting the Australian research sector, having been an ARC-supported researcher throughout his career and the Research Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Antimatter-Matter Studies from 2006–2012. He has also worked closely with the ARC as Chair of the Research Excellence Committee for Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences in the 2015 round of Excellence in Research for Australia.”

Ms Harvey has also thanked Professor Baldock, for his contribution to Australian research during his time as Executive Director.

“On behalf of the ARC, I thank Professor Baldock for his valuable contribution to the ARC, as well as the significant role he has played in outreach with the higher education and research sector,” said Ms Harvey. “I wish Professor Baldock all the best in his new role at the University of Tasmania.”

“Our EDs are academics drawn from the higher education and research sectors. They are among the most respected researchers in their fields and have extensive Australian and international research networks. They provide valuable expert advice and guidance across the ARC’s core functions and specific discipline areas,” said Ms Harvey.

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