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30 March 2016

Research Engagement and Impact working groups announced

The members of two working groups that will assist in the development of a research engagement and impact assessment for Australia have been announced today.

ARC Chief Executive Officer, Professor Aidan Byrne said the two groups—the Engagement and Impact Technical Working Group, and the Performance and Incentives Working Group—would play an important role in the development process.

“These working groups will provide critical advice and support to the Engagement and Impact Steering Committee as we develop this new assessment,” he said.

“The groups are made up of experts from across the sector, including international experts, and I have the utmost confidence they will contribute greatly in this development process.”

The role of the Technical Working Group is to provide expert advice on the development of indicators that will support a national engagement and impact assessment, including: advice regarding development of an appropriate methodology; assessment requirements for different disciplines and end-users; along with development of appropriate measures/indicators of research engagement and research impact.

The role of the Performance and Incentives Working Group is to provide advice to the ARC about the potential incentive effects of the preferred model, including how the process and measures in the preferred model will influence the decisions of universities about the focus of their research activities.

Development of the Engagement and Impact Assessment is jointly managed by the ARC and Department of Education and Training. In 2018 the ARC will run an Engagement and Impact Assessment alongside Excellence in Research for Australia.

Full membership of the two working groups is attached.

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Engagement and Impact—Technical Working Group

  • Leanne Harvey, Executive General Manager, Australian Research Council (Co-Chair)
  • Ms Virginia Hart, Branch Manager, Research Funding and Policy, Department of Education and Training (Co-Chair)
  • Dr Eric Archambault, President, Science-Metrix (Canada)
  • Professor Jonathan Adams, Chief Scientist, Digital Science
  • Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, The University of Queensland
  • Professor Andy Pitman, Director, ARC Centre for Climate System Science, The University of New South Wales
  • Mr Tony Sheil, Deputy Director, Research Policy, Griffith University
  • Dr Sybille Hinze, Deputy Director, Research System and Research Dynamics, Deutsches Zentrum für Hochscul und Wissenschaftsforschung (Germany)
  • Dr Diana Hicks, Professor of Public Policy, Georgia Tech (USA)
  • Mr Andrew Calder, Director of Research Services, Bond University
  • Ms Sue Mikilewicz, Director, Business Intelligence and Planning, University of South Australia
  • Professor Richard A Jefferson, Chief Executive Officer, Cambia
  • Dr Marcus Nicol, Director, Research Excellence Branch, Australian Research Council


Engagement and Impact—Performance and Incentives Working Group

  • Leanne Harvey, EGM, Australian Research Council (Co-Chair)
  • Ms Virginia Hart, Branch Manager, Research Funding and Policy, Department of Education and Training (Co-Chair)
  • Mr Conor King, Executive Director, IRU (Innovative Universities Australia)
  • Professor Mike Brooks, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research), The University of Adelaide
  • Professor Kevin Hall, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), University of Newcastle
  • Professor Robyn Owens, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), The University of Western Australia
  • Professor Arun Sharma, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Commercialisation), Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO, Standards Australia
  • Professor Attila Brungs, Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Technology Sydney
  • Professor Mark Harvey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, University of Southern Queensland
  • Professor Andrew Reeves, Senior Research Adviser to The Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University
  • Mr Mark Bazzacco, Executive Manager, Performance and Evaluation, CSIRO
  • Mr Luke Meehan, Senior Economist, IP Australia
  • Professor Duncan Ivison, Australian Academy of the Humanities
  • Professor Margaret Sheil, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering 
  • Professor David Day, Australian Academy of Science
  • Professor Glenn Withers, President, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia