10 May 2013

interlectual property - Patented stamp

Image courtesy: Patented stamp @Istockphoto.com/adventtr


The Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recently participated in developing a new set of National Principles to guide better management of Intellectual Property (IP) for publicly funded research carried out in the public sector.

The Australian Government's Coordinating Committee on Innovation approved the revised principles in late 2012.

"These principles will strengthen the good management of IP expected for the outcomes of publicly funded research," said Professor Aidan Byrne, ARC Chief Executive Officer.

"We expect that all public institutions who receive funding from the ARC and NHMRC will now incorporate these principles into their own research policies."

Professor Warwick Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health and Medical Research Council, who chaired the working group to revise the national principles, said: "Maximising the benefits of IP leads to better relationships between research institutions and industry and can lead to products coming onto the market more quickly to benefit all Australians."

The revised National Principles are now available on the ARC website.