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As of Monday, 6 July, the Australian Research Council (ARC) launched its new website. As a regular user of our website you will notice some changes. Watch this short video to take a tour through the new structure.

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Welcome to the new Australian Research Council website.

Over the last twelve months the team at the ARC has been working hard to develop a more user-friendly website for our stakeholders.

While we hope that the new website will be more attractive, user-friendly and informative, we’ve also worked hard to ensure it meets Whole of Government content and accessibility guidelines.

This new website is accessible in terms of design and functionality and we continue to work hard to ensure all the content stored here is also accessible.

Let me outline some of the fresh features on our new website:

  • The homepage sliding banner—this will provide stakeholders with a snapshot of the most recent news and information from the ARC
  • Improved search function—the search capability on our new website is much improved and will allow users to more readily search by keyword
  • Twitter feed—our homepage now carries ARC tweets and is updated automatically
  • ERA broadcast—stakeholders can now subscribe to receive the latest news regarding the Excellence in Research for Australia program
  • There’s also a site map at the base of the home page
  • We also have a new accordion feature for our Frequently Asked Questions, and
  • A new tool within our funding opportunities tab to outline what funding is available for different groups through the ARC.

For our regular users you will notice some changes.

We suggest you check any bookmarks you have created for pages to our old website and update for our new website

Unfortunately your old bookmarks may no longer work.

We wanted to make it easier for stakeholders to find out more information about what funding opportunities exist through the ARC and what grants we have already funded.

For this reason we have two menu items covering our National Competitive Grants Program

Under Funding Opportunities you will find information about

  • the ARC’s funding schemes
  • what type of grants you can apply for
  • information required by applicants
  • information specifically for international researchers and industry collaboration
  • peer review at the ARC, and of course
  • our important dates.

Under Funded Research you will find

  • information about managing grants post-award
  • the most recent funding outcomes under the Discovery and Linkage Programs,
  • and also our full grants dataset.

Importantly, it is from this menu item that you can be directed to the ARC’s new and dynamic web-based tool for funding announcements. This webpage provides data on the most recently announced funding outcomes, along with full project summaries for the grants awarded.

We also have a new menu item ‘Policy and Strategy’, here you will find information on:

  • policies and principles that apply to researchers, institutions and individuals engaged by the ARC
  • international and industry collaboration, and
  • research integrity, including the Australian Research Integrity Committee and research misconduct

The ‘About us’, ‘ERA’, ‘media’ and ‘contacts’ menu items remain largely the same as our old website.

The ARC is excited about the launch of this new website and while further enhancements will continue to be made into the future, we hope you enjoy your visit.

If you need to ask a question or want more information please feel free to contact the communications team at the ARC.

Thanks for watching and happy surfing!

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New website Frequently Asked Questions are also available.