The ARC plays an important role in the provision of Government support for research in Australia. Through our National Competitive Grants Program, hundreds of research projects are funded each year.

When the funding outcomes of an ARC scheme are announced the details are published to the ARC website. The Selection Report for the funding scheme as well as a link to our Funding Announcements web page is provided for the public to view and includes information such as total funding for the round, data on the number of projects awarded across Australia, project summaries and success rates. Researchers who are RMS users may also login to RMS at the time of announcement to see detailed information regarding their research proposals.

To view the most recent funding outcomes awarded by the ARC please view the Discovery Program Outcomes page or the Linkage Program Outcomes page. 

Only the most recent outcomes are available on these pages. To view previous outcomes, please visit the ARC Archive website.

To view a broad list of funded ARC grants, please view our ARC Grants Search.

Search tip: Funded Research > Discovery/Linkage/Legacy > Scheme > Year.