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Cover image: 11 Lancaster Place Canberra Airport, courtesy: Canberra Airport Group

Inside images: Page 7—Developing innovative technologies: The bionic eye, image courtesy: Bionic Vision Australia.Improved subsea pipelines: Researchers with subsea pipeline in the lab, image courtesy: The University of Western Australia. Australian Laureate Fellowships: Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Smart needle to make brain surgery safer: Team members testing the smart needle in surgery, image courtesy: The University of Adelaide. Improving natural resource management decision making and policy: Malaysian artisanal fishers—Northern Sabah, image courtesy: M. Beger / ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions. Creating next generation social robots: Magic Lab PhD students working in the CBA Innovation Lab on Human-Robot Interaction Experiments with CBA Customers, image courtesy: University of Technology Sydney. The Aboriginal History Archive: Professor Gary Foley, image courtesy: Victoria University. Sad boy with worried stressed face expression looking down—Stock image, image courtesy: © Generating economic impacts: 3D printed jet engine, image courtesy: Monash University.

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31 August 2017