Quantum research race lights up the world—29 September 2016

ARC-funded researchers, Associate Professor Igor Aharonovich (DECRA fellow) and Professor Milos Toth (Discovery Projects, lead investigator) and their colleagues at University of Technology, Sydney are working on engineering new ultra-bright and super-efficient sources from emerging 2D platforms. Quantum technologies are poised to provide an exponentially stronger computational power and secured communications protected by the fundamental laws of physics. The race towards the ideal system to implement quantum protocols is heating up, with solid-state single-photon emitters—sources of light that emit only one photon at a time—at the forefront. Aharonovich and Toth, writing the cover story for the October 2016 edition of Nature Photonics with their long-time collaborator, Professor Dirk Englund of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, have laid out a road map showing what needs to be done to realise quantum emitters that are good enough for real-world technologies.


Media issued by the University of Technology Sydney.
Image: Solid-state single-proton emitters. Image credit: Toan Tran Trong

Original Published Date: 
Thursday, September 29, 2016