On 17 March 2014 ARC welcomed Mr Peter Eriksson and Mrs Maria Landgren, Chief Strategy Officers, and Ms Karin Stridh, Operational and Development Manager/Coordinator, of VINNOVA to the ARC offices.

Last year VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) received, via the Swedish Governmental Research and Innovation Bill, a commission to develop methods and criteria for assessing the quality and relevance of universities' cooperation and interaction with the surrounding society, which could serve as a new basis for funding allocation. As a part of the commission, VINNOVA is performing a benchmark study with other initiatives in countries that have developed similar systems.

ARC and VINNOVA representatives engaged in an in depth discussion of the varying methods currently employed internationally to measure research quality and impact, and the benefits and drawbacks of associating such assessments with funding. ARC delegates shared experiences of developing the ERA system, and the conversation around research impact currently occurring in Australia, and were very interested to learn of VINNOVA's focus on measuring models of collaboration.

Please visit the VINNOVA websitefor further information.