Wheat from Wyalkatchem WA used to uncover building blocks for better grain—31 October 2016

Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at The University of Western Australia have catalogued the proteins found in the Wyalkatchem variety of bread wheat in an effort to better understand its biology and improve wheat production for the future. They have made the first protein map of any wheat variety, providing insights into how these proteins control its growth, yield and composition. The project is significant for the Australian wheat industry as its focus on profiling a local variety of wheat will keep Australian agriculture at the forefront of cutting-edge breeding technologies.

The project combines cutting-edge mass spectrometry tools and world-leading knowledge to enhance the development of wheat varieties better suited to the Western Australian cropping environment. The research involved  examining many different protein types in over twenty wheat tissues and parts of the wheat grain. The breakthrough represents a major step in equipping local and global breeders with the information needed to improve wheat, beyond the selection of high yielding crosses.


Media issued by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant energy Biology.

Image: Professor Owen Duncan
Image courtesy: ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology.

Original Published Date: 
Monday, October 31, 2016