Kylie Emery, Branch Manager (Policy and Strategy)

Ms Kylie Emery oversees the ARC’s Policy and Strategy branch as its Branch Manager. Ms Emery is responsible for the ARC’s National Competitive Grants Program policies, non-financial corporate governance, and data provision and analysis activities. Other duties include:

  • ARC’s strategic and program development activities
  • risk management and audit 
  • support of ARC Committees
  • management of the ARC’s research integrity policy
  • Senior Research Integrity Officer.

Ms Emery joined the ARC in August 2015, and has worked in a range of areas in the public service.  Ms Emery had responsibility for a range of corporate services including communications and parliamentary services, development of HR and financial IT services and internal audit.  From 2005 to 2007, Ms Emery was the program manager for the Cooperative Research Centres program

Ms Emery completed her education in regional Queensland and holds a Masters of International Law and Bachelor of Arts/Law from the Australian National University.  Ms Emery worked as a government lawyer for many years before moving to program and policy positions.