Implementation of the National Science and Research Priorities under the Australian Research Council’s National Competitive Grants Program

On 31 October 2018, the Hon Dan Tehan MP, Minister for Education, announced he had asked the ARC Chief Executive Officer, Professor Sue Thomas, to review the 2015 National Science and Research priorities as they apply to the ARC National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP). 

On 19 February 2019, Minister Tehan announced the terms of reference for a panel of experts, led by Professor Thomas, to undertake the review. The panel will consider:

  • how the existing priorities are used in the NCGP process
  • whether the structure of the existing priorities appropriately supports the NCGP process
  • areas in which Australia exhibits research strength, or which present opportunities to establish Australia as a world leader in research as identified by the ARC’s Excellence in Research for Australia report
  • areas of strategic priority that have been identified by Australia’s Learned Academies
  • how the ARC’s use of the priorities relates to government science, research and innovation strategies, for example, as outlined in the 2017 National Science Statement and Innovation and Science Australia’s Australia 2030: Prosperity Through Innovation
  • how the ARC’s use of the priorities compares to other Commonwealth research funding programs
  • other reviews of the priorities
  • stakeholder consultation and feedback.

Public consultation for this Review is now announced. The ARC has published a brief Discussion Paper setting out the scope of the review, and providing a number of questions to guide discussion.

Supporting documents:

Submissions are now open and will close at 11.59pm on Thursday, 16 May 2019.

In addition to public consultation, targeted consultations with individuals may be undertaken depending on the nature of the feedback received.

Submission may be made through the online submission portal. The portal will allow users to:

  • upload a response in Microsoft Word or machine-readable PDF format
  • respond to the questions in the Discussion Paper, or
  • make a shorter submission.

Submissions should be in Microsoft Word or machine-readable PDF files. Submissions may be made public unless accompanied by a request that they not be made public. Submission information may be shared with other Australian Government organisations for the purpose of the review.

Submissions may be made anonymously or pseudonymously, however in these cases the ARC will be unable to follow up on any details in the submission.

In addition to public consultation, targeted consultations with individuals may be undertaken depending on the nature of the feedback received.

Questions about the review should be directed to:

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