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Mr Stuart Henry

Stuart Henry headshot
Branch Manager (Programs)

Commencing in October 2021 as the Branch Manager (Programs), Mr Stuart Henry is responsible for the administration of the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP) for the ARC.
Through his role, Mr Henry works closely with the ARC’s Executive Group, to oversee the operations of both the Linkage and Discovery Programs of the NCGP. Engagement with the academic sector and other government agencies is also important in effectively delivering the NCGP. The ARC's Linkage funding schemes aim to encourage and extend cooperative approaches to research and improve the use of research outcomes by promoting national and international research partnerships between researchers and business, industry, community organisations and other publicly funded research agencies. The ARC’s Discovery funding schemes recognise the importance of fundamental research to the national innovation system. A strong capability in fundamental research results in the development of new ideas, the creation of jobs, economic growth and an enhanced quality of life in Australia.
Mr Henry brings to the role an extensive public service experience across a range of agencies, including whole-of-government efficiency work, policy development, service delivery reform and stakeholder engagement. Joining the ARC in 2021, Mr Henry has previously fulfilled leadership roles in the Department of Defence and the Department of Finance.

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