There were two phases of public consultation for the ANZSRC review. 

The first phase of public consultation, which took place from February to June 2019,  gathered feedback and perspectives on all aspects of the existing classification. During this time, public consultation was framed by the ANZSRC Review Discussion Paper published on 25 February 2019. The ARC and ABS received 214 Australian submissions from individuals and organisations in response to the paper. 

The second phase of public consultation, which took place from November 2019 to February 2020, provided stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on a Draft revised ANZSRC. There were 227 submissions from Australian individuals and organisations to this round of consultation. 

In addition to the public consultations, a range of targeted consultation and advice was sought from discipline peak bodies and classification experts throughout the review.

Further information about the review process, consultations and review outcomes is available in the ANZSRC Review Outcomes Paper (PDF Format Word Format). Note: Section 5 of the Outcomes Paper has been revised, and additional detail has been added for clarity.

Key Documents

From 29 November 2019 to 10 February 2020, the ARC, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Stats NZ conducted public consultation on a draft of proposed revisions to the ANZSRC classifications. Details of these proposed changes can be found in the following documents:

  • ANZSRC Review Outcomes Paper—which provides information about the process undertaken for the ANZSRC Review and the subsequent development of ANZSRC 2020, including a summary of key changes. Note: Section 5 of the Outcomes Paper has been revised, and additional detail has been added for clarity.
  • ANZSRC Review Consultation Draft Paper—which provides background to the ANZSRC Review Consultation Draft, including the process for developing the draft, outstanding issues, and next steps for the review.
  • ANZSRC Review Consultation Draft: Indigenous Research—which is a supplementary paper that provides background on the proposed new Division for Indigenous Research in the Fields of Research (FoR) and in the Socio-Economic Objectives (SEO) classifications. Note: This is not the final version of this classification. For the final version, see the ABS website.
  • ANZSRC Review Consultation Draft: Fields of Research—which provides the proposed revised ANZSRC FoR classification for comment. Note: This is not the final version of this classification. For the final version, see the ABS website.
  • ANZSRC Review Consultation Draft: Socio-Economic Objectives—which provides the proposed revised ANZSRC SEO classification for comment.  Note: This is not the final version of this classification. For the final version, see the ABS website.


Initial Stakeholder Consultation 

From 25 February to 7 June 2019, the ARC and ABS received 214 Australian submissions from individuals and organisations in response to the ANZSRC Review Discussion Paper. At the request of the authors, a number of submissions have not been published. Further submissions were received by Stats NZ and the MBIE, details of which can be found on the ​​​MBIE website.

The submissions published on this page are owned by the relevant organisations and individuals, and as such they are responsible for the factual accuracy of these documents at the time of publishing. The views contained in these submissions represent the views of the authors and are not necessarily those of the Australian Research Council or the Australian Government. For use of material in submissions please see the ARC’s Copyright Statement.

If you require a different format or you are having trouble accessing the information contained within these public submissions please send an email to

Note: the submission numbers in the below table are for indexing purposes only and include duplicate submissions. Confidential submissions are not included in this list.

Submission Number Author(s)
001 Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine
002 Australian Robotics and Automation Association
003 Screen Studies Association of Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand
004 The Combustion Institute, Australia and New Zealand Section
005 Sydney Health Ethics, The University of Sydney
006 Liam Bruton
007 Adjunct Associate Professor Ray Bange
009 Rena Friswell
010 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Postgraduate Association and Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations
012 Australian Academy of Science
013 Australian Academy of Sciences National Committee for Geographical Sciences
015 Languages and Cultures Network for Australian Universities
016 Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
017 Kim Dunphy
018 The University of Sydney Law School
019 The Australian National University
020 Deakin University
021 Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society
022 Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine
023 The University of Melbourne 
025 Design Institute of Australia
026 Society for the History of Emotions 
027 Australian Institute of Physics, Solar-Terrestrial and Space Physics Group Committee 
029 Australian Academy of Science National Committee for Brain and Mind
030 University of South Australia 
033 Professor Andrea Witcomb, Professor Laurajane Smith, Professor Tracy Ireland, Associate Professor Emma Waterton
034 University of Technology Sydney, Institute for Sustainable Futures
036 Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender
038 Dr Philip Lee
042 College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University 
043 School of Art & Design, The Australian National University
044 Australian Design Alliance
046 Sydney Dental School, The University of Sydney
047 Melbourne School of Engineering, The University of Melbourne
048 Professor Jennifer Tieman
049 The Psychology Foundation of Australia
051 Glen Bodner
053 James Cook University
054 School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney
055 The University of New South Wales
056 Professor Jen Webb
057 Computing Research and Education Australasia
058 Australiasian College Sport and Exercise Physicians
059 Elsevier
060 Australian Council of Engineering Deans
062 The Australian National University College of Law
063 Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems
064 Network of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Research Organisations – Oceania
065 Australian New Zealand Forensic Science Society
066 University of the Sunshine Coast
067 Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres
068 Dr Tamara Tse
069 Universities Australia
070 Edith Cowan University
071 Associate Professor Robert Niven, Professor Richard Stuetz, Associate Professor Martin Andersen, Professor Wendy Timms, Professor Carol Boyle, Dr Ellen Moon, Professor Anas Ghadouani
073 Innovative Research Universities
074 Australian Council of Deans and Directors of Creative Arts
075 Mobo Gao
076 Western Sydney University
077 Griffith University
078 CSIRO Australia
079 Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools
080 International Association of Forensic Sciences
081 Australia New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies 
083 Council of Australian Law Deans
084 Victoria University
085 Monika Bednarek, Peter Crosthwaite, Michael Barlow, Shoshana Dreyfus, Michele Zappavigna, Alice Caffarel, Kerry Mullan, Chao Sun, Haidee Kruger, Annabelle Lukin, Susan Whitbread, Keren Greenberg, Allison Creed, Helen Caple, Chavalin Svetanant, Zihan Yin, Catriona Bonfiglioli, Kelvin Lee, Alexandra Garcia, Nicole Mockler, Kate Burridge, Rodrigo Arellano, Jens O. Zinn, Adam Smith, Nick Thieberger, Darryl Hocking
086 Australian Council of Deans of Health Sciences
087 Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia
088 Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society
089 Sustainable Development Solutions Network Australia, New Zealand & Pacific
090 Australian Linguistics Society and Applied Linguistics Association of Australia
091 Science & Technology Australia
092 School of Psychology, The University of Sydney
093 Padmanabhan Karamil
094 Development Studies Association of Australia
095 Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education
096 Australia Rural Health Education Network
097 Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society
099 Society for Learning Analytics Research
100 Indigenous Peoples' Knowledges and Rights Study Group of the Institute of Australian Geographers
101 Asian Studies Association of Australia
102 Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry
103 Robert Costanza
104 Southern Cross University, School of Education
105 Andy Pitman
107 The Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering
113 Institute of Australian Geographers
114 University of Wollongong
115 Swinburne University of Technology
116 Professor Leeanne Carey
117 Associate Professor Bronwen Dalton, Professor Melanie Oppenheimer, Professor Kirsten Holmes, Associate Professor Wendy Scaife, Dr Megan Paull, Professor Jo Barraket, Professor Russell Hoye, Professor David Gilchrist, Dr Jose Sakakibara, Ms Gemma Rygate, Ms Evelyn O'Loughlin, Ms Mara Basanovic, Mr Scott Miller, Ms TIna Williams, Ms Lisa Schimanski, Ms Sarah Davies, Ms Vicky Darling, Ms Katherine Raskob, Ms Kasy Chambers, Dr Katrina Stratton, Ms Kath Sugars, Ms Pippa Cebis, Ms Belinda Drew, Ms Sue McCabe, Dr Katie Bruce, Professor Simon Darcy, Associate Professor Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Dr Craig Furneaux, Dr Professor Karen Smith, Alexandra Williamson, Dr Ruth Knight, Dr Pam Kappelides, Dr Ruth Weatherall, Dr Roel Boomsma, Dr Anthony Fee, Dr Peter evereux, Dr Nichole Georgeou, Associate Professor Patrick Dunlop, Dr Nicky Howe, Dr Anne Clear, Professor Marylène Gagné, Mr Krystian Seibert, Dr Kiros Hiruy, Dr Michael Moran, Ms Sumayyah Ahmad, Professor Erin Wilson, Dr Irit Alony, Associate Professor Michael Jones, Dr Perri Campbell
118 Macquarie University
120 Australian and New Zealand Communication Association
121 Professor Terry Flew
123 Nam-Trung Nguyen
124 Dr Jesse Adams Stein
125 Edward Moors
127 Sports Medicine Australia
128 Ruth King
130 Women and Birth, Journal of the Australian College of Midwives
131 Criminology, The University of Melbourne
133 Australasian Council of Paramedicine Deans
135 Australian Women's History Network
137 Roger Lewis
138 Charles Sturt University
139 Australasian Council of Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
140 Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
141 Religious History Association
142 Professor Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Professor Susan Page, Professor Michelle Trudgett, Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt, Associate Professor Sandra Phillips, Professor John Evans
144 James Pearce
147 Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency National Institute of Forensic Science
148 Australian Chiropractors Association
149 Australasian Humour Studies Network
150 Scientia Professor Louise Edwards
151 Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)
152 Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand
154 Council of Deans of Nutrition and Dietetics Australia and New Zealand
155 Australian Library and Information Association
157 International Australian Studies Association
158 Australian Universities Heads of English
159 Australian Association for Granular Media
160 Maiam nayri Wingara Indigenous Sovereignty Collective and Te Mana Raraunga Māori Data Sovereignty Network
162 The University of Sydney School of Chemistry
164 NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health
165 La Trobe University
166 University of New England School of Humanities
168 University of Technology Sydney
169 Australian Deans Built Environment and Design Council
170 Tony Barnett
171 Steven Lade
173 Dharma Hagare
174 Palliative Care Clinical Trials Group, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
175 Australian Historical Association
176 Dr Paul Simpson
177 TransTasman Midwifery Education Consortium
178 Alison Rodger
179 Laurene Vaughan
180 Professor Marcus Foth
183 The Australian Sociological Association
184 Tim Luckett
185 Australasian College of Health Informatics
187 Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative
188 Ms Peggy Craddock
189 Dr Annmarie Hosie
190 Palliative Care Australia
191 Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian Mathematical Society, and Statistical Society of Australia
192 Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney
193 Associate Professor Susan Lee
194 Humane Research Australia
195 Palliative Care Nurses Australia
196 Centre for Midwifery, Child and Family Health, University of Technology, Sydney
198 Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom AO
199 Emeritus Professor Margaret O'Connor AM
201 Richard Scully
202 Peace Studies, University of New England
203 Igor Bray
204 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
206 Australian Council of Learned Academies
206a Australian Council of Learned Academies - Attachment 
207 Community of Associate Deans Research in Education
209 Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australasia
211 Australian Association for Research in Education
213 Professor Grant McArthur
214 Motor Trades Association of Australia
215 Queensland University of Technology
216 Australian Academy of the Humanities
217 RMIT University
218 Australasian Association of Philosophy

Second Round Public Consultation

Submissions will be published in due course. Submissions where the author requested that it not be published will remain confidential.