This page provides examples of ERA data presented in visual form.

The charts below show the relative use of common terms in research  outputs submitted to ERA that contain the term “Dementia” in their title. The size and the colour of the word shows the relative number of research outputs related to that word, i.e. “frontotemporal dementia” (51 research outputs) has a higher number of related research outputs than the term “semantic dementia” 20 research outputs).

The following chart represents the same information as the chart above in a difference format.

In ERA submissions, research outputs may be assigned up to three four-digit field of research (FoR codes). Most of the research outputs matching the term ‘Dementia’ were within the FoR 11 (Medical and Health Sciences) codes. The chart below shows research outputs matching the term “Dementia” assigned to other FoR codes outside the 11- Medical and Health Sciences FoR codes. The larger bubble size and the darker colour means that there were more research outputs assigned to that field of research. In this example, 1701 Psychology and 1702 Cognitive Science are the two largest fields of research outside of the 11 code which returned results for the term “Dementia”.