Professor David Green

Professor of Information Technology Research
Monash University
ERA 2018 Chair

Professor David Green is one of Australia’s leading experts on complexity theory. His proof of universality showed that networks underlie the structure and behaviour of all complex systems. More recently, his theory of dual phase evolution explains how order emerges in many natural and artificial systems. His research on complexity and computer science has provided new insights in many diverse fields, including forest ecology, proteins, geographic information, social networks, artificial intelligence and theory of computation.

As a pioneer of the World Wide Web in Australia, Professor Green has also made research contributions on distributed information systems and to international programmes to database the world’s biodiversity. He is the author of nine books, including Of Ants and Men (2014), Dual-Phase Evolution (2014), Complexity in Landscape Ecology (2006), and The Serendipity Machine (2004). He is also the author of more than 200 research articles on complexity theory, computer science, and multi-agent systems.

Professor Green’s roles in recent years include Associate Dean Research, Monash Faculty of Information Technology (1999), Associate Director, Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN), NSW Premier’s Award for Education Technology (1999) and Editorial Board member of several journals. Professor Green was a member of the Mathematical, Information and Computing Sciences Research Evaluation Committee for ERA in 2015.

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