Professor Hugh Barrett

Associate Dean (Research) Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
The University of New England
ERA 2018 Chair

Professor Hugh Barrett has been a biomedical research fellow for much of his career, supported via the NIH, National Heart Foundation, NHMRC and industry. Professor Barrett’s research has focussed on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism combined with mathematical modelling, using compartment models. His research career began at the BakerIDI, moved to the University of Washington and more recently the University of Western Australia, where he was also the Associate Dean, Research in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Professor Barrett’s research has contributed to understanding lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in a variety of human dyslipidemic states and under various interventions designed to reduce cardiovascular disease burden. Using tracer methodologies his research has described the mechanism of action of statins, fibrates, CETP inhibitors, new PPAR agonists and other lipid lowering agents on lipoprotein kinetics, primarily in subjects with the metabolic syndrome. In addition, his research and modelling of tracer data in human, animal and in vitro systems has provided insight into the pathways that are responsible for the regulation of lipid metabolism.

Professor Barrett’s present role is focussed on building research capacity, quality, output and outcomes in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at UNE.

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