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National Innovation and Science Agenda Measures

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On 7 December 2015 the Australian Government announced its National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA). The new measures within NISA have been developed to assist in boosting the commercial returns of publicly-funded research.

The ARC has an important role in implementing some of these measures, including the development and implementation of the assessment of the engagement and impact of Australian university research; and implementation of a continuous Linkage Projects scheme. 

Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI 2018)

The inaugural Engagement and Impact assessment took place in 2018 with the outcomes released on 29 March 2019. EI assesses how universities are translating their research into economic, environmental, social, cultural and other benefits and aims to create incentives for greater collaboration between universities and industry, as well as other research end-users. 

Further details are available on the Engagement and Impact Assessment information page.

Continuous Linkage Projects scheme

The Linkage Projects scheme opened for continuous submission of applications on 1 July 2016. To facilitate successful collaboration between industry and higher education institutions, applications can now be submitted at any time, allowing a shorter timeframe between application submission and outcome announcement. The continuous submission process means that applications are rigorously assessed following three submission deadlines in the ARC's Research Management System (RMS) and funding outcomes are recommended to the Minister within six months of application submission. 

Further details are available on the  Linkage Projects scheme information page.

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