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2018 Laureate Profile: Distinguished Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh

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Distinguished Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh

Distinguished Professor Kourash Kalantar-zadeh

Administering Organisation: RMIT University

Discipline Area: Engineering, Information and Computer Sciences

Fellowship project summary:


This project aims to investigate and make new discoveries on the unique properties of liquid metals. Liquid metals have traditionally been used in mining, for switches, barometers, heat transfer units, and coolers and heaters. However, recent discoveries have indicated that liquid metals have untapped potential in applications for creating systems with extraordinary physical and chemical properties. This project will expand our knowledge of liquid metals by exploring liquid metals as electron rich solvents and investigating new properties to develop future applications in electronics, optics, catalysts, thermal devices and bio systems.

Australian Research Council funding: $3,162,000

About Professor Kalantar-zadeh

Distinguished Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh is a Professor in the School of Engineering at RMIT University.

He is an expert in chemical and biochemical sensors, nanotechnology, microsystems, materials science, electronics, gastroenterology, medical devices and microfluidics. Professor Kalantar-zadeh has significantly influenced many fields of engineering including two-dimensional transition metal compounds, liquid metals, microfluidics, sensors, electronic devices and medical systems. He has also made internationally-recognised contributions to the development of ingestible sensors and gas pollutant detectors as well as two-dimensional semiconductors and liquid metal based systems.

Professor Kalantar-zadeh is also a Chief Investigator at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET), where he leads the nano-device fabrication team (Enabling Technology Theme B) which develops the fabrication techniques necessary for advanced devices, by using electron and ion beam lithography and other tools. He is the inaugural recipient of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s Alan Finkel award (2017), and recipient of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award (2017) and the American Chemical Society’s Advances in Measurement Science Lectureship awards (2018).

Find out more about Professor Kalantar-zadeh’s research by visiting his profile page on the RMIT University website.

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme page on the ARC website.

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