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2018 Laureate Profile: Professor Dan Li

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Professor Dan Li

Professor Dan Li

Administering Organisation: The University of Melbourne   

Discipline Area: Engineering, Information and Computing Sciences        

Fellowship project summary:


This project aims to use graphene and other emerging two-dimensional materials to investigate and manipulate ion transport in nanoscale channels. Nanoionics focuses on understanding ions for transport and storage in nanoscale systems, central to numerous technologies related to water, energy and biomedicine. The project will provide sophisticated methods for revolutionary technological innovations to solve problems in several industries including manufacturing, mining, water management and bioengineering. Providing access to previously unavailable structures and materials, the project will support Australia’s manufacturing sector by transforming established industries with next generation technologies. The project will also build capacity of nanoionics engineers and provide intellectual property for commercialised products.

Australian Research Council funding: $2,545,000

About Professor Li

Professor Dan Li is a Professor in Materials Science and Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Melbourne. Professor Li’s research interests include soft materials based on graphene and 2D nanomaterials, nanoionics and nanofluidics, materials intelligence and their application for energy storage and conversion, ion separation, wearable electronics and biomedicine. Professor Li is also passionate about the translation of fundamental materials research into real-world applications.

Professor Li’s research achievements have been recognised through numerous awards including a 2006 ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship, a 2010 Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award (Engineering and Technology), a 2011 ARC Future Fellowship, a 2016 Changjiang Scholar Award and Thomson Reuters’ Highly Cited Researcher in Materials Science.   

Find out more about Professor Li’s research by visiting his profile page on The University of Melbourne website.

For further information about this funding scheme, please visit the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme page on the ARC website.

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