Changes to the Linkage Learned Academics Special Projects Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2017

Note: this list contains the major changes to rules and is not to be taken as exhaustive. Please consult the Funding Rules for schemes under the Linkage Programme (2017 edition) or contact your Academy for further clarification.

  • Update of the Generic section (Section A) to align with the most up to date Linkage Program Funding Rules (2016 edition).
  • Revision of the Objectives in line with feedback from stakeholders and recent updates to ARC Policy, including the Interdisciplinary Policy (B3).
  • Addition of the requirement to meet at least two of the Objectives in order to be competitive (B3.1.3).
  • Update of the Selection Criteria in line with the updated Objectives (B4).
  • Revision of the funding period to up to 4 years (rather than strictly 3 years) to allow for a range of Project lengths to be funded under the scheme (B5.1.2).
  • Inclusion of Budget items supported and not supported for clarity of purpose (A5.2, A5.3).
  • Creation of a new section (Section C) to provide funding to responds to the priority areas set by the Commonwealth Science Council. Applications to this scheme are to be received on a timetable in response to the Commonwealth Science Council meetings.