The ARC Grants Search is designed to make it easier for you to find details of ARC-funded research projects since 2001, including electronic and paper-based proposals.

How it works

To undertake a search, enter your search term in the ‘Text Search’ field. You can enter multiple  search terms  in this field, for example, you could enter the name of a researcher, a field of research, a university name (shortened versions are acceptable, i.e. ANU for Australian National University) and/or partner organisation. Please note however, the search will return results that contain all of the words you have entered.

Please note, you can limit your search to ‘Fellowships’ only at this stage, or you can choose to undertake an ‘Advanced Search’ (more details below).

Then click on ‘Search’ to return your results.

The search results include the lead investigator, project identification number, administering organisation, the project summary, total ARC funding awarded, funding commencement year and the scheme under which the grant was awarded.

You can sort by column in ascending or descending order (with the exception of the project summary column). For example, if you want to order by funding commencement year simply click on the column heading ‘Funding Commencement Year’.

You can select an individual project from the search results and a new page will display detailed project information as per the below sample snapshot.

If you find that your search returns a high number of projects, you can undertake an ‘Advanced Search’. You can narrow your search using a variety of fields, including:

  • Scheme
  • Commencement year
  • Funding amount
  • Administering Organisation
  • State/Territory
  • Field of Research
  • Name of Investigator.

The screen you see will look like the sample snapshot below.

You can enter as much or as little information into these fields as you like. There is also the ability to multi-select from the lists (i.e. if you wanted to select more than one university or scheme) by using the CTRL or SHIFT keys.

When you have entered your known fields click on the ‘Search’ button to return your results.

If you still cannot find the project you are looking for, please feel free to contact the Stakeholder Relations team at the ARC,, who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

The ARC is also happy to receive your feedback on the ARC Grants Search. Feel free to send your feedback to the Stakeholder Relations team at the ARC.