Downloadable PDF version—ARC Post Award Guidance including Major Investments: Responding to the impact of COVID-19. 

Governance implementation

The governance framework now is difficult to establish due to lack of availability of key personnel and delays in the research program. Can the Research Hubs/Training Centres delay the establishment of an Advisory Committee?

The establishment of the Advisory Committee may be delayed. 

In the interim, you can consider setting up a short-term specific taskforce or committee to assist the executive management until the Advisory Committee is established.

Alternatively, establishment funds can be used to support costs associated with the establishment of the Advisory Committee.

The ARC establishment toolkit notes the development of a number of plans such as the Strategic Plan, Gender Equality and Diversity Plan, Governance Plan, Budget Plan, or Mentoring Plan. Can the Research Hubs/Training Centres delay the development of these plans?

The ARC recommends a COVID-19 response plan is developed in consultation with institutional arrangements. Then as establishment progresses the above plans can be developed and implemented for the Project Commencement date.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

Can an extension be requested for the development of KPIs?

Yes, KPIs are now due within 12 months of the Project’s Grant Offer being executed.

If more than 12 months from the Project’s Grant Offer being executed is required, a request must be submitted via email to

How should Year 1 (originally 2021) KPI targets be represented?

For IC and IH, KPI targets for Year 1 (2021) may be reduced or not applicable, either: 

  1. Label 2021 as Year 0, and Year 1 will become 2022 through to Year 5 as 2027
  2. Keep 2021 as Year 1 with reduced or no targets and add a Year 6 for 2027

Please contact the ARC ( for further assistance developing or revising KPIs.

Launch event

It is unlikely that the launch event will occur within the first 12 months of commencing due to a backlog of establishment activities (or other reasons). Can the launch event be delayed? 

The time period to hold a launch event has been extended from 12 months to 18 months from the commencement date. 

Launch events can be held as a face-to-face event, virtual or as a hybrid model (a physical location with options for attendees to connect via videoconference). Once launch event planning is underway, please notify the ARC ( of the anticipated launch event date.

Special Research Initiatives

Please contact the ARC ( for advice related to ARC Special Research Initiatives.