Downloadable PDF version—ARC Post Award Guidance including Major Investments: Responding to the impact of COVID-19. 

Establishment funds

Extended use of establishment funds

Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, Centres/Research Hubs/Training Centres may now vary their use of the approved $100,000 establishment funds to cover the following purposes:

  • Continuation of salary support for the Chief Operating Officer or Business Manager
  • Continuation of salary support for personnel appointed with ARC funding (including administrative or academic positions)
  • Ongoing administration costs related for recruitment 
  • Setting up the website and logos
  • Development of KPI reporting tools
  • Costs associated with establishing an Advisory Committee.

Please note, the establishment funds may not be used to for:

  • Salary support for named participants such as Chief Investigators
  • Travel costs for research program activities.

Administering Organisations must notify the ARC via email of changes to the use of establishment funds by 31 December 2021.

If a Research Hub/Training Centre is seeking to cover other specialised costs due to COVID-19 – please contact the ARC for advice (

Increase to establishment funds

Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, the ARC will allow new Research Hubs/Training Centres to vary establishment funds to a maximum of $500,000 from existing funding.  A variation may be submitted by Administering Organisations to increase the amount of establishment funding by completing a one-page request with a breakdown of expenditure and rationale. This can be submitted to the ARC ( via the Research Office. 

Please note the impact of using increased funding for establishment purposes on a Research Hub/Training Centre’s budget in forward years should be taken into account.

Transitioning between old and new Major Investments 

Requests to modify the approved transition plan, including changes to the use of establishment funding, can be sent to ARC ( The request should include reference to the original approved transition plan and clearly outline any changes and long term impacts/mitigation strategies. You can contact the ARC for specific advice prior to submitting the request.

If the Research Hub/Training Centre has key personnel moving from a previous ARC investment to the Centre, establishment funds can be used to support salaries of these key personnel during the establishment phase.

If COVID-19 has reduced the capacity of personnel to undertake their roles, their salary can be reduced to reflect the actual FTE.