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Changes: Funding Rules—Discovery Indigenous 2019

Changes to the Discovery Indigenous Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2019

Note: this list contains the major changes to rules and is not to be taken as exhaustive. Please consult the Funding Rules for schemes under the Discovery Program (2017 edition) or contact your research office for further clarification.

  • Definitions in the General Funding Rules section (A3) are now included for:
    • Active Project Assessment Date
    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    • Commonwealth Fellowship
    • Funding Offer
    • Other Eligible Organisation
    • Other Organisation
    • Project Activity Period
    • Project Leader
    • Research Infrastructure; and
    • Travel Costs.

Excluding Active Project Assessment Date, these definitions replace information previously contained in the detail of previous Funding Rules or Funding Agreements and there is no change to intent.

  • The new term Active Project Assessment Date (the date on which Active Project eligibility will be considered), has been introduced into the Definitions, and referenced at subsections A6.1 and A6.2. This is a scheme-specific date that changes the date when Project and Proposal limit eligibility is assessed.

    Please note: as per A6.1.5, “A Project cannot commence until all CIs, PIs, Awardees and Fellows meet the eligibility criteria in these Funding Rules.” i.e. even if you can apply for more than allowed in the Project limits specified at A6.2, you cannot start any Project until you meet the limits, and all eligibility criteria in the Funding Rules.

    Example: you can apply for a IN19 while holding two DP16s with Project end dates prior to 1 July 2019. However, you cannot start the IN19 until at least one of the DP16s has been completed, one DP16 has been relinquished or your role on one DP16 has been relinquished in order to meet the limit of two Discovery Program Projects.

  • Added ‘salary top ups’ to the Budget Items Not Supported to reflect existing advice (A7.3).
  • Updated Request Not to Assess process to require justification to be provided when nominating a College of Experts member (A8.5).
  • Adjusted Selection Criteria to be consistent across Fellowships/Awards and Project-based schemes. Fellowship/Award schemes have a higher weighting for the Individual researcher and Project-based schemes have a higher weighting for the Project (E9.1).
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