21 June 2015


ARC mourns loss of Professor Graeme Hugo

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Research Council (ARC), Professor Marian Simms, has today extended her sincere condolences, on behalf of the ARC, to the family, friends and colleagues of Professor Graeme Hugo, who has sadly passed away.

“Professor Hugo was a recipient of many ARC grants and prestigious fellowships, notably ARC Federation and ARC Australian Professorial Fellowships, and in addition to his important research programme where his mentoring of early-career researchers was notable, he played a valuable role in the development of research policies through his advice and guidance.

“His advice during the development of what is now Excellence in Research for Australia was invaluable and only recently he provided important advice for a review at the ARC.

“An internationally respected demographer his ARC Federation Fellowship focused on immigration to Australia. Professor Hugo showed that ‘international migration has transformed the nation’s demography and massively influenced the economic, social and political fabric of the nation and reshaped national identity’.

“He was a well-respected academic and a genuinely lovely man, who contributed greatly to the higher education and research sector in Australia.

“His outstanding research capacity, his extensive knowledge and practical advice will be missed by all across the sector.

“All at the ARC were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Professor Hugo.

“I would like to convey on behalf of myself and all at the ARC our deepest sympathies to the family of Professor Hugo, his colleagues at The University of Adelaide and friends. This is a deep loss, however Professor Hugo’s memory will not be lost, nor will his impact on the higher education and research sector.”